Why come to Girdev Camping?

Why come to Girdev Camping? 

Girdev camping is nestled against the valley wall and at 1,800 metres it means that the temperatures in the summer months are always cooler and the atmosphere drier than the sweltering coastal plains. Even in July and August a blanket can be welcome at night. 

In spring as the sun warms the earth spring, the snow melts and the plateau becomes a temporary lakebed; full of life, it is home to millions of frogs and insects. It is these upon which the many species of birds feast, when they come to Girdev to nest and breed. The spring also brings an abundance of wild flowers, plants and herbs, enriching the natural biodiversity of the area.

Girdev Camping is located in 30,000square metres of land. You can stay in the quirky house, your own tent or caravan or one of Girdev Camping’s own traditional Native American teepees, whichever is most suitable for you. Girdev Camping has its own lake, which is full of carp. 

At Girdev Camping you can do as much (or as little) as you chose: canoeing, swimming, meditation, yoga, walking, cycling, and gardening, volley ball; to name but a few. 

At Girdev Camping most of its own vegetables and fruit are grown in the fertile soil. In addition they have their own livestock, (cows, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, ducks, quail and peacocks), there are lakes with fish (carp, trout). Girdev Camping makes every attempt to be self-sufficient and work together with local farmers. No chemicals are used at Girdev Camping. 

At night there is no light pollution and the stars and galaxies are clear in the sky. There is a telescope for keen astrologers.