Bird watching

Girdev is host to literally hundreds of species of birds with over 119 different kinds recorded and has been made an official I.B.A (Important Bird Area) 

Some are indigenous to Turkey while others pass through on migration. Some of the beautiful birds around Girdev Camping include 
Black stork 
Grey heron 

Rock Thrush 
Mistle Thrush 
Red-backed Shrike 
Great Reed Warbler 

There are also birds of prey: 
Short-toed eagle 
Golden eagle 
Booted eagle All these birds can be heard, observed and photographed at different times of the year. See the separate list for all species.

   1-Little Egret                                                                    2-White Stork                                                  3-Glossy Ibis


4-Short-toed Eagle                                                                          5-Marsh Harrier                           6-Long-legged Buzzard


                7-Imperial Eagle                                             8-Booted Eagle                                                               9-Kestrel



10-Red-Footed Falcon                                                                11-Moorhen


12-Cuckoo                                                                                        13-Swift


14-Alpine Swift                                                                              15-Bee Eater


16-Hoopoe                                                                                       17-Crested Lark


18-Skylark                                                                         19-Crag Martin


20-Swallow                                                                      21-Red-rumped swallow


22-Roller                                                                           23-Grey wagtail


24-White Wagtail                                                          25-White-throat


26-Nightingale                                                27-Black Redstart                           28-Isabelline Wheatear


29-Wheatear                                                                   30-Black-eared Wheatear                        31-Rock Thrush


32-Blackbird                                                     33-Orphean Warbler


34-Lesser Whitethroat                                                35-Whitethroat


36-Blackcap                                                                      37-Chiffchaff


38-Spotted Flycatcher                                                                 39-Sombre Tit

  40-Rock Nuthatch                                                          41-Lasser Gray Shrike


42-Red-backed Shrike                                  43-Little Owl                     44-Woodchat Shrike


45-Masked Shrike                                          46-Magpie                                         47-Jackdaw


48-Hooded crow                                            49-RavenHouse sparrow

  50-Spanish sparrow                                                      51-Rock Bunting

      52-Cinereous Bunting                                                  53-Cretzschmar’s Bunting


54-Corn Bunting                                                             55-Yellow Wagtail

  56-Certti’s Warbler